Case Studies

Strategic Partnership with Cablevision for Data Consolidation

aVista Tech partnered with one of the leading telecom/media company CableVision in the New York city area to formulate a strategic roadmap and support the initial phases of the implementation. Due to varying forces in the market related to the use and proliferation of data and its uses from the analytics perspective; there was a need to assess the current state at the company and come up with a blueprint. This was done with a three pronged approach:

  • Perform a current state assessment and document the data assets
  • Evaluate the existing infrastructure and disparate RDBMS’
  • Understand the current skill set
  • Review existing processes in terms of quality and governance
  • Assess the Security framework for access of these data sources
  • Stratify the data assets across business domains
  • Categorize databases within certain logical business domains (Ex: Cable, Internet, etc.)
  • Assess the level of disparity within each of the logical business domains
  • Assess the level of disparity within each of the logical business domains

Most initiatives related to data consolidation, either from the perspective of creation of simple ‘Operational Data Stores’ or ‘Complex Data Warehouses’ fail due the fact that they take a long time along with a significant cost dimension without providing iterative value back to the business. This is one of the major pitfalls that aVista wanted to avoid. In doing so, there were several workshops conducted with the business stakeholders within and across domains to document ‘Use-Cases’ that provide the most value. Theses ‘Use-Cases’ were mapped on a graph with high fidelity uses cases against feasibility (time & cost). Once again the teams were brought back together to pick a handful of uses cases for the first Phase or initial implementation. Also, a specific logical business domain was selected to avoid too much delivery complexity for the first Phase. The steps highlighted above ensured that:

  • Partnership with the Business to ensure alignment with the technology team
  • Buy-In and support from the Business
  • Phased approach focused on delivering the pieces of functionality that had the highest value for the Business

After having the high level blueprint, the focus now shifted to delivering the first Phase of the Project. A Program team was established with the appropriate leadership oversight both from the technology and business perspective. A Project Plan was created with the right milestones and a ‘Steering Committee’ with a goal to steer the project in the right direction.