What We Do

Avista Tech is an experienced, dynamic and innovative with a team of consultants who are highly specialized in the technology consulting as well as recruitment industries.

Technology Consulting

Guide organizations to reach their business potential envisioning focus on data as an asset in regards to 'just-in-time' and Predictive Data Analytics.

New technologies can change the rules of the game for an industry and in some cases the global economy. Many of these great ideas never make the move from academic idea, laboratory or prototype to a real world application. We work with clients to help them move these complex and innovative ideas work.

We can help you define how your strategy should be approached in a changing technology climate. Our consultants can support your need to still reach agreements between internal client and IT groups on what systems can and cannot be changed in the foreseeable future, and to deliver systems changes in a way that integrates, rather than fragments, business processes and data.

Organizations are amassing vast volumes of data from online transactions, connected devices and people. This data holds many insights about your operations, performance, customers and competitors.

Our core strength of expertise with years of experience in data analytics with an ability to find the patterns in the data tells you how your customers behave and what will interest them. Provides you where and when to supply the latest batch of this season’s product. Provides you which components in your network are liable to fail. Provide you who is likely to defraud you.

Staff Augmentation

Experts at understanding technical resource needs and very adept at sourcing the right talent based on skills and organizational fit.

Avista Tech is an experienced, dynamic and innovative with a team of consultants who are highly specialized in the technology recruitment industries. Our consultants pride themselves on understanding not just your skills and specialisms as a candidate, but also your aspirations and key values to ensure that the recruitment solution we offer meets your life and work objectives.

Our core strength is our experience and personalized service. Whether it's a permanent or contract position, we take the time to find out what employers and potential employees are looking for and our job is to match the right people with the right vacancy at the right time.

At Avista we always look beyond the job description and Resume to the unique culture of the organization to ensure that the candidates we select always possess both the personality and the technical skills to make a success of the role.

We believe in forming long-standing relationships with all of our clients that are built on the firm foundations of trust, professionalism and partnership. We pride ourselves on our track record in developing business growth for companies and the careers of jobseekers.

Our capabilities cover all skill sets and job roles from mainframe and legacy systems to the latest Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Social Media Analytics, and Internet along e-commerce technologies and from entry-level graduates to executive.